A word from our General Director

Mohamed Dahab is an international aid/development worker. Born in Belgrade, Ex-Yugoslavia, Mohamed is the product of an international upbringing, having been raised and educated in Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Sudan, the U.S and Switzerland. He holds a B.A in International Trade from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and an M.A in International Humanitarian Action from Fordham University in New York.

A word from our General Director

In our age, the global Humanitarian/ Developmental community faces a multitude of challenges, ranging from the adverse effects of climate change provoking famine, drought, natural disasters and even war; to the rise of nationalism; and to simple donor fatigue. Compounding these issues is the struggle of the humanitarian community to adapt and rise to these concerns.


The status-quo is at a breaking point, and we are seeing a growth in detrimental trends:  humanitarian interventions (emergency or otherwise) are more costly than ever; developmental experts subjected to brain-drain; rising suspicion towards -and declining acceptance of- traditional humanitarian actors; and the diverging interests of powerful bodies. This has translated into an arrest of what were once standard convictions founded on the universal principals of humanity and solidarity.

Elevate for Community Development was established with all these challenges in mind, with a view to tackling them by embracing not only the traditional values of humanitarianism, but by adapting to our contemporary context through espousing the principals of localization, community and family.

We at Elevate believe that the most effective way to tackle local developmental issues, is to meet them head on by harnessing the highest global standards of humanitarian interventions whilst mobilizing local resources and means, which in turn translates to cost effective, efficient and potent interventions with a high rate of return on investment.

We believe in undertaking projects and programs that are community based, community owned and community operated. We believe that the strength of the individual is derived from the community; and that the strength of the community is built upon the wellbeing and the prosperity of the individual. As such; we work towards the enrichment of the community by empowering the individual through community-based projects and programs in the fields of, education, healthcare, self-reliance and others.  

Alongside our partners; members; and associates, we espouse the principals of neutrality, tolerance and humanity. We believe in the importance of family and family values as basic elements for a prosperous community.  

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