About us

Elevate for Community Development is an organisation (NGO) based in Khartoum, Sudan.

It has been launched in 2019 to make lifes of Sudanese people better in regards of education, health-care and self-reliance.

The organization focuses also on vocational training to help young people learn new skills in professions like mechanic, electritian, plumber etc.

We provide our trainings and activities with all people regardless their religion, skin-color or cultural tradition.

The gold circle in the background of our logo represents the Sun, the hot sun shining over all the regions of Sudan. Yellow stands for community that our organization creates.

Blue represents education. We believe that both formal and non-formal learning is a standard all young people should have an opportunity to take advantage of.

The red is a color of blood and health. We value human life and health over everything else. Therefore, taking an active part in securing health care is our priority.

We understand green as a color of agriculture and ecology. It shall represent our efforts in bringing better knowledge on the importance of both of these fields.





Our Team

Get to know our team members that are responsible for all our work done, goals achieved and projects finished.

Mohamed O. Dahab

General Director

Person 2

Chief Finance

Person 3

Administration Officer

Person 3

Liaison Officer